Toll & Contract Manufacturing

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Toll and Contract manufacturing with expert support & oversight.


Tube filling; labelling; capping; packing; palletising & shipping.

Product Storage

Need somewhere to store your goods before shipping or selling?

Toll Manufacture

With production capabilities from 10 litres up to 2000 litres, we can mix your prescribed ingredients to the formulae you require. We are experienced with a large range of chemicals and raw materials and can safely mix formulations with your ingredients. We can pack the finished product to any size container.


Contract Manufacture

We can source raw materials, chemicals, packaging and
labelling, leveraging our supplier relationships and volume pricing. Our marketing team can even advise / assist with creation of label artwork, packaging selection for those starting out with a new product.

Formulation Assistance

We also have the unique ability to formulate for you with
our in-house chemical experts. We can also make your test batches for you in our lab.


Packaging Service

Send your product and packaging to us for filling. Our
expert team will use our high-speed tube filling machines, labelling machines, capping machinery and inline volumetric filling machinery to fill and label your products quickly and efficiently. We can pack to any box size, palletise and ship to anywhere, whether it’s directly to your customers or to your warehouse for storage.

Strong Quality Assurance

Our caring and expert team will perform Quality Control at
every stage to ensure your products meet your standards and specifications.


Dangerous & Hazardous Goods

We have a licence to handle dangerous goods and strong
OH&S standards to ensure your product and materials are handled and packaged safely.

Storage Service

Do you need somewhere to store your goods until you are
ready to send them where they need to go? We can provide storage for you and a shipping service.


Cost Effective

Let us do the heavy lifting and employ staff and manage the
machinery and materials for you. Keep your costs down and know your total cost of goods.

Time Saving

Get your product to market faster and spend your time on
sales and marketing instead of production.

On Demand

No commitments for future or regular orders required – we
can do a one off job or regular service.

Ease of Mind

Your product and ingredients are in capable and experienced
hands. We have been manufacturing cosmetics, non-toxic paints, inks, hand
creams, sunscreen and a myriad of other chemical formulations for over 25